Welcome to the official Code Of Ethics website. Here, you will be able to browse through many old pictures of Code, from the humble beginnings, to the full throttle days of non-stop touring.


You’ll also find facts about song charting and Dove nominations (some of which I didn’t know myself) as well as interviews and album reviews from the early years. I’ve also included a “behind the scene” look at the making of each CD through Code’s history.


You can find my latest album "Liquid Worship"  as well as the last three CD’s I’ve made since 2009 under the music tab for free download on Noisetrade.  I hope you enjoy and share them.  If you would like to purchase limited old and new Code memorabilia, there will be a page for that coming soon.


I started Code of Ethics in 1989, with a simple desire to reach my friends with a message of hope and love, while using the same music we all listened to at the time. (Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, New Order, NIN, Simple Minds, etc.) God had a much bigger plan as time would prove, and it was incredible and humbling just to be along for the ride!


Last but not least, I would like to thank every one of the band members that toured in Code over its 20+ years. Because of their dedication and sacrifice, Code’s ministry and music touched lives all over the world. One of the band members, Clayton Ferguson, once joked, “Barry, if you ever do a reunion tour you’ll need four buses just for the band!”  He was right, as you’ll see. 


First, there was Eric Switzer (keys), Ian Eskelin (keys and vocals) and Scot Kifer (keys and guitar).  Then, my long-time high school friend, Rick Brainer (drums) jumped in to help tour the first “Visual Paradox” and second “Code of Ethics (self titled)” CDs on Forefront.  Rick would also join in on many other dates throughout all of the years, as his work would allow.  Jayce Jensen (drums) stepped in to help for a bit.  My friends and co-writers Gerald Gardiner (keys) and James Booth (guitar) spent a summer touring with me as we were writing the “Arms Around the World” CD.  ‘Skippy’ Scott Chapman (keys), Jeff Anderson (bass and keys), Rob Policastro (guitar) and Brian Carlson (drums) played on the “Arms” tour with me.  Charles Garrett (guitar and vocals), Bryce Bell (keys), Steve Dale (bass and vocals) and Jerry Mowery (drums) helped write, record and tour the “Soulbait” CD.  On the last official Code tour “Blaze”, was the power trio made up of Clayton Ferguson (guitar) and Dan O’Neill (drums).  Skippy and Rick also returned towards the end of the “Blaze” tour and final dates.  When we toured the “Lost In Egypt” CD in 2009, the lineup was Cynthia Blaze (keys and DJ), Matt Borrelli (keys), Julie Rhodenhizer (vocals), Ben Roth (drums) Rick Brainer (drums) and Dave Ott (drums and guitar).


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Peace, Barry Blaze


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Liquid Worship

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